Lowel DV Creator Kits

multisystem Kits
Lowel DV Creator Kits combine light fixtures with lamps, stands & accessories from our wide range of different lighting systems to bring a new level of versatility to our kits. All draw from the Tota/Omni, ViP & Rifa eX systems to create kit combinations that fit most needs & budgets. Some have hard case options that offer room to grow. Each Lowel DV Creator Kit will help you arrive at a location with a greater degree of lighting possibilities in your hand. For those traveling light, Lowel DV Creator Kits are also available in soft cases.

The Rifa's in these kits have the RifaTM eXchangeTM System, with enhanced ablities due to quick-change accessory lampheads.

Lowel DV Creator 1 Kit
Code: DV-901Z
US List Price: $1350.00

With TO-83 Case
Code: DV-9013Z
US List Price: $1370.00

With LB-30 Soft Case
Code: DV-901LBZ
US List Price: $1185.00
Lowel DV Creator 44 Kit
Code: DV-9023Z
US List Price: $1920.00

With TO-84 Case
Code: DV-9024Z
US List Price: $1995.00

With LB-35 Soft Case
Code: DV-902LBZ
US List Price: $1765.00
Lowel DV Creator 55 Kit
Code: DV-903Z
US List Price: $2135.00

With TO-84Z Case
Code: DV-9034Z
US List Price: $2210.00

With LB-35 Soft Case
Code: DV-903LBZ
US List Price: $1970.00