Lowel Blender (LED) Kits

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Lowel Blender brings flexibility & speed to Run & Gun lighting, with its ability to quickly change color to suit the ambient light of the location. Simply dial it until its combined daylight & tungsten LED output looks right to you. Whether you match the location perfectly, or give your subject a little contrasting color to help them stand out better, Blender is easy to carry & easy to use.

There's a collection of Blender Kits, all with room inside for accessory camcorder battery sleds or cables to connect to industry standard 12 volt DC sources. Blender also shows up in the compact multi-system SlimLight Kits.

See how Blender inventor Tom Robotham uses Lowel Bender to light interviews in this video lesson at Lowel EDU: here

Blender 3 Light Kit Lowel Blender 3 Light Kit
Code: BLN-9340LB

US List Price: $2050.00
Blender 2 Light Kit Lowel Blender 2 Light Kit
Code: BLN-9240LB

US List Price: $1550.00
Blender 1 Light Kit Lowel Blender 1 Light Kit
Code: BLN-9140LB

US List Price: $850.00