Lowel DP Kits

DP Kits

The high output, variable focus, DP Light is available in a wide range of kit possibilities. There are 4 DP Kits with various combinations of DPs' and accessories, including lamps. 3 of them are housed with KS Stands in the rugged & spacious Multi Case, the 4th with KS Jr. Stands in the more compact DP3 Case. In addition, the DP System Plus Kits feature 3 DP&T Kits which combine the focusing ability of the DP with the wide angle throw of Tota-lights, now upgraded with added light control & mounting accessories, plus lamps. These kits are further enhanced with the 60 second set-up & beautiful output of the Rifa softlight, and range from the extremely compact Mini DP&T Kit to the big DP Super Remote Kit.

DP Kits

DP3 Kit
Code: D2-93Z
US List Price: $1999.00
DP 3 Jr. Kit
Code: DPT-93Z
US List Price: $2210.00
DP 4 Kit
Code: D2-94Z
US List Price: $2480.00
Close Quarters Kit
Code: D2-97Z
US List Price: $2785.00

DP System Plus Kits

Mini-DP&T Kit
Code: DPT-90Z
US List Price: $1585.00
DP Super Remote Kit
Code: D2-96Z
US List Price: $3240.00
DP Core 95 Kit
Code: DPR-95Z
US List Price: $2299.00
DP Core 96 Kit
Code: DPR-96Z
US List Price: $2410.00
DP Core 98 Kit
Code: DPR-98Z
US List Price: $2595.00